We provide professional advice on the full range of superannuation investments and strategies for individuals and corporate clients. Our goal is to ensure clients have a tax effective superannuation strategy that maximises the benefits of this tax advantaged investment. This is a complicated field but if professionally managed can lead to a tax effective nest egg for your retirement.


Personal Superannuation

We can establish a superannuation strategy for individuals that is based on their retirement needs and attitude to risk. We have access to a comprehensive range of fund managers and investment options. We can establish a personal superannuation fund that allows you or your employer to make contributions on a regular basis to achieve your retirement goals. In addition we can provide life and TPD insurance within your superannuation fund.


Corporate Superannuation

If you are an employer and wish to have access to a compliant corporate superannuation that can be used to meet your superannuation obligations to employers, we have the solution for you.


We are able to provide a full corporate superannuation service that is fully supported by our own professional staff. We recognise how important it is to have a streamlined administrative system that makes it easy to change members and receive payments – we minimise your administrative hassles.


We also offer a comprehensive range of insurance covers within corporate superannuation.